A Supermodel's Fitness Secrets

Regarding health and fitness, famous model and activist Ajuma Nasenyana is an inspiration. The gorgeous 34-year-old is a role model for many- her fit figure, and glowing skin are proof that she practices what she preaches. In an effort to share her secrets, Ajuma recently revealed her fitness routine and regular diet plan. Ajuma is a firm believer in a balanced diet- she begins her day with a nutritious breakfast. "I always start my day with a healthy breakfast. I usually have oatmeal with protein powder, nuts, and fruit, or I will have muesli with yoghurt, banana and honey. I also make sure to have a cup of green tea and a glass of water," she says.

To keep her energy levels up and maintain her toned physique, Ajuma relies on a combination of cardio and strength training. She enjoys running, swimming, and cycling. She also does weight training at least three times a week. Ajuma is a big believer in high-intensity interval training because it helps her stay motivated and achieve her fitness goals. In addition to physical exercises, Ajuma also emphasizes the importance of yoga and meditation. She says, "I practice yoga and meditation daily to help me stay mentally and physically balanced. It helps to quiet the mind and focus on the present. It helps reduce stress levels and promotes relaxation."

Ajuma emphasizes the importance of rest and recovery. She sleeps for eight to nine hours every night and makes sure she gets enough rest days in her fitness routine. Taking occasional breaks helps her body recuperate; it helps her to stay motivated and focused. Yes, eating a nutritious diet, doing regular exercise, practising yoga, and getting enough rest are all important parts of any fitness plan. With dedication and hard work, you, too, can achieve your goals and look as amazing as Ajuma does. Really, Ajuma Nasenyana is the epitome of fitness and health. Not only is she a famous supermodel, but she is also a health and fitness enthusiast who inspires the world with her amazing journey to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Ajuma has been an advocate for healthy living for years. She has a few fitness secrets that she lives by, and that helps her stay fit and healthy. One of Ajuma’s fitness secrets is that she ensures her body is on the move. She starts her day with a morning walk or a jog on the beach. This helps energize her body and prepare her mind for the day. Ajuma also loves to dance. She believes dancing is a great way to get her heart rate up and stay fit. She loves to do circuit training and weights, as these help her to tone her body. Further, she loves to take breaks throughout the day. She makes time to relax and unwind. She loves going for a swim in the ocean, reading or taking a nap. This helps to keep her body and mind in balance.

Generally, Ajuma Nasenyana ensures she eats a healthy diet. She loves to eat fresh fruits and vegetables and always makes sure to drink plenty of water. No wonder this fitness routine has helped her to stay healthy. She is an inspiration to many, and her secrets can help any of us lead a healthier and more active lifestyle.

Ajuma Nasenyana is a famous supermodel who has become well-known for her amazing body and fitness transformation. From her time on the runway, Ajuma has been inspiring people to lead healthier lifestyles. Her success shows that with dedication and hard work, anything is possible. What are Ajuma’s other fitness secrets? First, start Small: Ajuma recommends starting with small steps that are realistic and achievable. Whether it’s walking around the block or doing a few simple exercises, it’s important to build up your routine gradually; ensure you’re having fun.

Next, eat clean: Ajuma stresses the importance of eating a balanced, nutritious diet. She recommends eating mostly whole, natural foods and avoiding processed items. She also suggests drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated. Regular Exercise: Ajuma’s exercise routine includes cardio, strength training, and stretching. She recommends finding activities that you enjoy and mixing them up to keep things fresh and fun. Get Adequate Rest: Ajuma advises getting at least 8 hours of sleep each night to allow your body to recover from the workouts. She suggests taking regular breaks from exercise to help avoid burnout.

Keep Motivated: Ajuma is an excellent source of motivation and inspiration. She loves to post inspiring messages and quotes on her social media pages to keep people motivated. Yes, these are Ajuma’s fitness secrets that have helped her achieve success. With dedication, hard work, and the right attitude, anyone can reach such goals. And you can get started today.

iHerb Top Wellness Trends in 2023

iHerb Top Wellness Trends in 2023

iHerb, the largest eCommerce platform, dedicated to vitamins, minerals, and supplements has tapped Dr. Michael Murray, N.D. – one of the leading authorities in dietary supplements, and natural products – to share his insights for the top health and wellness trends likely to gain popularity in 2023. The full wellness prediction can be found on iHerb's blog, the go-to guide featuring advice from credentialed contributors on what's new and next for living well.

Immune health has been a key focus since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, but recent surveys indicate other priorities are rising as well. In one survey of over 5,000 consumers from seven countries, the top concerns were sleep quality and stress, as well as brain health and function. In the blog post, you will find Dr. Murray's recommendations for the top supplements for each of these health concerns.

Market data shows that the protein powder and amino acids segment is the fastest-growing sector in the supplement category. It is not only the increasing number of sports enthusiasts and bodybuilders fueling this growth, but also consumers purchasing collagen protein products to help promote skin health and beauty from within. Dr. Murray notes that Collagen leads as the fastest-growing protein choice, with consumers also purchasing more and more vegan protein (pea, hemp, pumpkin, soy, rice, etc.) and whey, casein, and egg protein powders.

Traditional tablets and capsules will continue to be a top choice, but consumers are also increasingly looking to non-pill alternatives. According to Nutrition Business Journal, in 2021, more than 60% of the purchases of dietary supplements were non-pill forms like gummies, chews, powders & tablets, exceeding sales of pills for the first time. Within the article, Dr. Murray explains why gummy supplements, in particular, are at the head of this growth, and how we can expect them to continue to rise - with the most significant trend being the growth in vegan gummies specifically.

The global health mushroom market is estimated to be worth over $25 billion and is expected to grow over 10% yearly for the next eight years. This growth represents the significant increase in the popularity of functional mushrooms as both food and dietary supplements due to their numerous health benefits. Dr. Murray predicts that Chaga, Cordyceps and Turkey Tail will surge in popularity, in addition to well known shiitake and reishi, and why within his trend forecast.

Another emerging trend that Dr. Murray notes is the increase in the popularity of effervescent electrolyte mixes used to enhance water and promote hydration, which he cites in the blog as one of the fastest-growing types of dietary supplements. These hydration products are available in both tablets and powdered drink mixes, and serve as alternatives to ready-to-drink electrolyte hydration drinks in wasteful, single use plastic bottles. Historically, athletes have used electrolyte drinks and supplements to help recover, and consumers across the board are now using them to seamlessly deliver functional ingredients as well. More healthy living guidance from iHerb's team of health expert contributors can be found at www.iherb.com/blog. Launched in 2017, iHerb's blog has over 1,500 articles from over 100 credentialed contributors, from M.D.s and N.D.s to Dermatologists, Registered Dietitians, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists, and more. Professionally translated into 14 languages and having generated over 10 million visitors in 2022, the iHerb's blog is an excellent resource for all things health and wellness.

iHerb are the largest e-commerce retailer dedicated to the Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements, or VMS, category, with a growing presence in other areas of consumer health and wellness. Trusted by millions in over 185 countries, they offer a curated portfolio of branded and innovative third-party and proprietary products at the best possible value, conveniently delivered directly to their customers.

OpenTable Announces the Top 100 Restaurants for 2022

OpenTable Announces the Top 100 Restaurants for 2022

This year, restaurants became much more than just a place to grab a meal – but instead, the perfect backdrop for socializing, a way to connect with the local community and an escape from too much time spent at home. OpenTable is revealing diners' most beloved spots to do just that via the Top 100 Restaurants in America for 2022, curated for diners, by diners, from over 13 million reviews.

The list comes as OpenTable data for 2022 shows diners are willing to spend on memorable dining experiences: restaurant meals priced $50+ per person saw the largest increase in diners (+8%) compared to 2019. This especially rings true for the holiday season: OpenTable's Q4 Diners Survey reveals 49% want to celebrate with a high-end pre-fixe, 43% are planning or considering hosting a private party at a restaurant this year, and 30% are interested in buying tickets to an exclusive dining event.

"Despite challenging macro economic factors, we're seeing a renewed vigor for dining out – diners are spending more on meals and going out during the weekday more frequently too," said John Tsou, VP of Marketing at OpenTable. "If you need ideas for great dining experiences now or in the new year, start with this year's Top 100 list, based entirely on verified diner reviews."

OpenTable data from the year reveals diners are seeking more opportunities to get together over a meal, more captivating dining experiences and more 'treat yourself' moments.

Compared to last year, weekday dining saw a major boost in seated diners, with the biggest increase on Mondays (+27%) and Tuesdays (+26%). Diners are also dining out earlier, too: compared to pre-pandemic, dining between 4:00 – 4:59 p.m. saw the largest increase at 27% – suggesting diners are eager to get a head start on their evenings.

2022 also saw new culinary curiosity, with cuisines more interactive or communal in nature all seeing a lift compared to pre-pandemic: seated dining at Korean, Hibachi and Brazilian Steakhouses up 50%, 50% and 49%, respectively. Another trending cuisine reveals mindful and sustainable dining is still top of mind for diners: Vegetarian cuisine saw a 60% spike in diners compared to pre-pandemic 2019.

OpenTable's Top 100 Restaurants in America for 2022, culled from over 13 million verified reviews, meaning only those who book via OpenTable and dine can leave reviews, represents diner's most beloved restaurants coast-to-coast. Featuring 47 cities across 21 states, the list arms diners with the perfect tool to plan holiday and year-end celebrations, and beyond.

This year, California dominates the list with 21 restaurants across Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Newport Beach, San Diego, San Francisco, and more. Illinois is runner up with 17 restaurants, all of which are in Chicago – the city with the largest number of restaurants on this year's Top 100 list. Next up: Florida and Nevada are tied at 10 restaurants each – in Florida, cities with Top 100 restaurants include Naples, Tampa, Bal Harbour, Fort Lauderdale and more, and in Nevada – all 10 are located in Las Vegas. 3 Arts Club Cafe at RH Chicago in photo.

A Marathon Work Out Schedule

A Marathon Work Out Schedule

Daily exercise is vital for our overall health. Exercise reduces stress, improves cardiovascular health, strengthens bones, and improves mood and sleep. Clearly, regular physical activity has many benefits for our health and well-being. Exercise can enhance muscle strength and endurance, improve joint flexibility, and boost energy levels. Additionally, regular exercise promotes weight loss. To be sure, there are countless benefits to be gained from regular physical activity. Exercise even helps to improve our mental health and mood.

In addition, regular physical exercise can help prevent or manage various health conditions and risks. These include obesity, heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and cancer. Also, exercise can help to improve our cognitive function and memory. Indeed, it can assist in delaying the onset of dementia. There are many good reasons to make physical exercise a part of your daily routine. It can help us stay healthy and happy for many years. Is there something we can learn from athletes who exercise daily? Can we derive lessons from a marathoner's workout schedule?

Well, exercise for beginners can help change your lifestyle; in this scenario, you don't have to do it alone. Generally, the most crucial part of exercise is being consistent. For instance, if you want to lose weight, you must exercise daily. Running, walking and biking are excellent options to get started; this exercise can be incorporated easily into our daily routine. Undoubtedly, regular exercise improves the quality and duration of sleep- this is the cornerstone of seamless functioning, mood and energy levels.

Now, consider the typical marathon runner's workout schedule. Such a schedule is designed to provide maximum benefits for a minimum amount of time. Yes, we can learn the secrets to running a marathon and derive some life lessons. Try to work out and train with a schedule designed by endurance athletes; such athletes understand the demands of marathon training. One of the main benefits of running long-distance races is that it offers the opportunity to run as much or as little as you like.

Runners who run more often build up their momentum and endurance quickly- much quicker than those who train just once a week. To become a better runner, you should do everything you can to increase your oxygen intake and strength. If you don't give yourself time to recover between workouts, there will be no improvement in the long term.

Marathon runners typically spend a lot of time on their feet. In fact, for many, physical activity is more important than rest in the days following a marathon. But how does this affect your workout routine? If you want to get better at running a marathon and enjoy running on your own schedule, get valuable tips from a runner who has experienced both sides of the equation. Forget about the pounding and soreness you might feel for the first few weeks; workouts like jogging, running, biking and swimming are part of your life as a runner, so getting in at least 30 minutes of exercise each day is key to success.

Undeniably, it takes a lot of training, dedication and discipline to train for a marathon. A marathon is not just about running 26 miles- it is about having the right mindset, listening to your body and sticking to your workout schedule. A key component of training for a marathon is to be in good shape before starting. Knowing how to start your week and follow a healthy training schedule can help you stay on track.

Yes, running a marathon is the ultimate test of endurance. To complete the event, you need to put in plenty of hard work and proper training. There are many tips and tricks to help you train for your own marathon- from running as much as possible to using every trick in the book, including having a good massage.

Often, when you start training for a marathon, you have no idea what to expect. You may have a goal of doing two hours in the marathon. That might mean running about 10 miles per day in preparation. You may not know how important it is to organize your schedule and ensure you get the proper rest at night—yes, you need much sleep. Ultimately, we can draw lifelong lessons in a regular marathon runner's schedule.