Valuable Insight on the Top Benefits of Massage Chairs

valuable insight on the top benefits of massage chairs

Do massage chairs work? To answer this question, we have to look at the roots of massage therapy. It began in Asia centuries ago, where practitioners learned to enhance health, healing, and happiness through the release of stress in the muscles.

Fast-forwarding to colonial times, a massage therapist would treat orthopedic problems by creating friction through rubbing.

Now, we have extensive knowledge and science to back up the techniques applied in massage therapy. When you break down the tools massage therapists use to heal your muscles, it combines friction, heat, and pressure.

If an area of your body is tense for extended periods, it can begin to pull too heavily on other muscles. The parts of you that receive the pull may be unable to withstand it, potentially causing damage to your posture. If left untreated, this could cause severe complications as you age.

Receiving regular massage therapy can have a lot of benefits, including stress relief, muscle recovery, pain relief, and even reduced risk of injuries. The question is: Massage chair vs. massage therapist—which is better? And how can you find the right massage chair to deliver the necessary benefits?

How Are Massage Chairs Good For You?

Half an hour in a massage chair with settings specifically designed to target your sore spots can help treat deeply rooted issues. For example, your body may pull too much on your shoulders if you have a habit of slouching forward. This discomfort is a prevalent issue. If this is the case, you would want to ensure you look at massage chair models that include specialized solutions to help ease your shoulder tension.

Depending on the model, several massage chairs can replicate massage therapy for various needs. In more complex chair models, the technology is designed to mimic the hands of a massage therapist performing shiatsu massage, digging in and targeting pressure in your back. There are a few OHCO massage chairs that have this unique feature.

Massage chairs can benefit older generations, too! Seniors who routinely use their massage chairs report that their chairs provide pain relief, muscle relaxation, and relieve tension. Many chairs can even improve blood flow to different areas of the body, which can have a lot of significant health benefits.

Massaging Chairs: Top Benefits

Benefits of Vibrating Massage Chairs

Vibration therapy is one of the most basic settings offered by any massage chair. But even this basic feature provides health benefits to its users. Vibration therapy can improve circulation, improve muscle mass, and bone density, alleviate pain, and reduce stress.

Benefits of Shiatsu Massage Chairs

Many people who enjoy vibrating massage chairs also love the feeling of Shiatsu massage chairs. Shiatsu massage therapy provides all the same benefits as vibration therapy and more. Shiatsu massage chairs use highly choreographed movements to mimic the finger pressure a professional shiatsu massage therapist applies. A Shiatsu massage can provide significant, targeted pain relief to certain pressure areas on the body. It can also strengthen muscles and stretch them out to improve recovery, flexibility, and durability.

Benefits of Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

Zero gravity massage chairs offer unparalleled seating with great health benefits. In the “zero gravity” position, your legs are elevated above your heart while you receive a massage. The zero gravity posture improves circulation and promotes total relaxation throughout the body. Zero gravity reclining chairs offer many benefits, including lowering high blood pressure. The improved relaxation and circulation also enhance the rejuvenating effects of the overall massage experience. The reduced stress and enhanced recovery can improve energy levels following massage sessions. All these benefits combine to make zero gravity massage chairs an excellent therapeutic option for many people.

Benefits of Heated Massage Chairs

Heat therapy on its own is effective at relieving pain. When heat is applied to a particular area, it improves blood flow, aids recovery, and promotes flexibility. When a therapeutic massage is supplemented with targeted heat, it enhances all the healing and therapeutic benefits that come with it.

Heat settings on massage chairs come in a multitude of different forms. Heated rollers can provide targeted heat to soothe pressure areas on the body. Heated seats, or total body heated massage chairs, can provide a more all-encompassing heat sensation for overall relaxation.

Can a More Affordable Massage Chair Provide These Benefits?

You might wonder, are massage chairs good for you if they are on the less-expensive end of the spectrum? Are these chairs still able to provide quality therapeutic results? Of course, they still have their benefits, but owning a higher-end model has a lasting and definable impact. You get to personalize it much further, and you’ll have easier access to professionals for any help with set-up or troubleshooting.

Generally speaking, higher-end massage chair models are created with more advanced technologies, providing a much more realistic massage experience. So while you can still get a relaxing massage from more affordable chairs, they might not have the same targeted benefits, and if they do, they might not be of the same quality. Higher-quality massage chairs are also built to last. High-end manufacturers use more durable materials for their furniture, making them more reliable in the long term.

Choosing the Right Massaging Chair for You

As we’ve discussed, massage chairs offer a range of benefits that can help promote health and wellness in many ways. Whether you are simply looking for pain relief and relaxation, or more advanced therapeutic relief, there is definitely a perfect massage chair for you. And, whatever model you choose, there really are no negative effects of massage chairs. So, if anyone ever asks, “Are massage chairs bad for you?” the answer is a resounding no!

To find the right massage chair for you, take this quiz to identify your specific needs. It will tell you what massage chair should perfectly meet your needs and preferences. However, it’s also always a good idea to talk to someone who specializes in selling massage chairs because they’ll have heard feedback from other customers that they can pass on to you.

No matter what you choose, at Furniture For Life, we strive to match you with your ideal chair massage solution. Contact us with any questions you have!

Asheville Medical Spa Launches Website with Patient Education

asheville medical spa launches website with patient education

Mountain Radiance, a physician-led medical spa in Asheville, North Carolina, has launched a new website that gives the public the ability to browse by "skin concerns," such as acne scarring or neck lines, and thereby learn which medical aesthetic treatments can address them.

"We've created a website that is not only easy to navigate, but also puts patients' self-described goals at the forefront," said Dr. Mark Chandler, Medical Director and Injector at the Asheville medical spa. "Patients researching medical spas understand that getting results relies on your provider fully understanding your skincare needs and concerns. We want to help visitors understand the many ways we can help even before they arrive at our physical location in Asheville."

In addition to launching a new site with the Skin Concerns feature, the practice recently introduced two new treatments: Upneeq®, a once-daily prescription eye drop for drooping eyelids, and Sculptra®, a long-lasting dermal filler that adds significant volume to address deep wrinkles and volume loss.

As a physician-led medical spa, Mountain Radiance offers advanced, proven skincare treatments administered by trained staff with deep knowledge of non-surgical cosmetic medicine. The injectables they provide, including neurotoxins like Botox and fillers such as Juvéderm, are FDA-approved. Additionally, the facials and skin treatments offered at Mountain Radiance are a step above standard spa options, using concentrated, physician-only levels of active ingredients and special techniques like microchanneling for transformative results.

"The cosmetic medical treatments available at Mountain Radiance far exceed that of a day spa," explains Lauren Chandler, Practice Director who also is a Medical Assistant and Massage Therapist. "We are eager to work with patients in a holistic manner, learning what concerns brought them to us and offering tailored non-surgical treatment plans that will deliver visible change. Patients tell us our welcoming environment and warm staff also make receiving treatment a joy!"

About Mountain Radiance: Owned and operated by Dr. Mark Chandler, Mountain Radiance is an upscale medical spa in Asheville, North Carolina offering injectable Botox® and filler, laser treatments, professional facials, massage therapy, and more. Mountain Radiance is located at 7 Yorkshire St Ste 102, Asheville, NC 28803. For more information, visit

Revolutionary Body and Facial Contouring Treatments

revolutionary body and facial contouring treatments

Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa, the nation's leading luxury massage and facial spa franchise, has announced the expansion of its menu with the launch of Cryoskin, a non-invasive facial and body contouring treatment. This is the latest addition to the expanding list of innovative wellness services at Hand & Stone, now available at nearly 300 spas nationwide, following a successful pilot program in nearly 40 locations. Services include CryoSlimming, which helps encourage the reduction of inches, CryoToning, a skin tightening and toning treatment, and the CryoFacial, which delivers a firm and glassy finish to the skin. Hand & Stone is now piloting another modality, CryoSoothe, which delivers relief to acute or chronic areas of pain and soothes arthritic flare-ups.

"We were thrilled to introduce Cryoskin as a transformative addition to our spa services, and even more pleased when the guest response to the technology was so positive," said John Teza, CEO of Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa. "Cryoskin's revolutionary technology aligns perfectly with our commitment to providing our guests with the latest advancements in body and facial treatments, and we look forward to offering more options for them to choose from."

Cryoskin utilizes cutting-edge technology that harnesses the power of alternating hot and cold temperatures to reduce inches, tone and tighten the skin, and enhance overall body and facial aesthetics. This treatment has revolutionized the way guests achieve their desired body and facial improvements. Cryoskin offers a comfortable and painless treatment that does not utilize aggressive techniques employed by other body toning treatments such as suction or paddling of the skin.

Based on guest feedback, Cryoskin quickly became a sought-after tool in Hand & Stone spas nationwide. In fact, nearly 60% of customers who have tried a Cryoskin service have gone on to purchase a series of five sessions to continue enhancing results. Hand & Stone is delighted to continue growing its partnership with Artemis, the exclusive distributor of Cryoskin devices in the U.S., to deliver unparalleled results and experiences to its clients. This includes the launch of a new CryoFacial device this summer, Neveskin FACE. The technology features six additional targeted CryoFacial services, including a Calming CryoFacial to reduce inflammation and reduce breakouts, and a Collagen CryoFacial, to promote collagen and elastin regeneration.

"In recent years we have witnessed a surge in consumer interest for Cryoskin services," said Lisa Rossmann, Senior Vice President of Service and Product at Hand & Stone. "We are thrilled to not only increase the accessibility of these beneficial services to our guests, but also provide the highly coveted slimming effect that individuals often spend a fortune to achieve. Our partnership with Artemis has instilled us with utmost confidence, and we take pride in introducing the exceptional products they distribute to our franchised locations, therapists, and customers nationwide. Artemis offers a full suite of non-invasive device technologies which complement one another well and provide ways for consumers to elevate results. As we look ahead, we see tremendous opportunity to introduce additional modalities which align with our focus on results-driven skin treatments."

Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa is proud to be at the forefront of offering this groundbreaking treatment to their valued customers. As a leader in the wellness industry, Hand & Stone is committed to continually expanding its service offerings. With its Cryoskin treatments, they aim to empower individuals on their journey towards improved self-confidence and well-being.

For more information about Cryoskin at Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa and how to book an appointment, please visit


Hand & Stone is a 560-plus unit massage and facial spa franchise with a mission to bring affordable, luxury spa services to all. Launched in 2004, Hand & Stone now has locations across 35 states and Canada. Each spa features best-in-class skincare treatments highlighting the latest in cosmetic technology. Available for women, men and teens, a wide range of services are tailored to each individual's needs or skin concerns. Hand & Stone facial treatments are performed by licensed estheticians, using top-of-the-line products backed by science including Dermalogica and ClarityRx Clinical Skin Care. The fastest-growing spa franchise in the country, Hand & Stone has been named No. 1 in the spa category by Entrepreneur Magazine in 2023, 2021 and 2020 and was ranked No. 8 on Forbes' Best Franchises to Buy list in the high investment category. For more information, visit

Handcrafted Therapy day spa just opened

handcrafted therapy day spa just opened

Handcrafted Therapy, a day spa offering professional massage therapy services since 2015 has expanded its Dallas-area operations to include North Texas' only massage supply store and training center. Handcrafted Therapy Supply, a 3,000 sq ft storefront located on North Central Expressway in Plano, opened to the public with a celebratory ribbon-cutting ceremony on June 3, 2023.

The product assortment at Handcrafted Therapy Supply includes everything needed to start a registered massage therapy business or create a spa-like experience at home. Products featured include massage tables, towel warmers, sheets and custom-formulated oils, lotions and soaps. More importantly, the store and training center creates a safe space of acceptance for all—with custom murals on the walls even declaring it a 'judgment-free zone.'

"I wanted to create a space of inclusiveness, hope and love amid a time of controversy, misinformation and hate," said Julie Alexander, LMT and owner of Handcrafted Therapy Supply. "I hope the world receives my message—each and every person should know Handcrafted Therapy Supply is a place where we will love and accept you, no matter what."

As a woman-owned business, Alexander purchases her store inventory from other women-owned, U.S.-based businesses. "I have focused on working with women because I believe they possess the ability to be both empathetic and vulnerable. In fact, three out of every four massage therapists in Texas are women," explains Alexander.

Handcrafted Therapy Supply is a one-stop-shop for any new or experienced licensed massage therapist wanting to feel, see and smell products before they invest in them. Previously, North Texas LMTs had to rely on online, mass-produced purchases to stock their businesses.

"A spa owner myself, I was frustrated with the quality of products available to us online. I wasn't able to feel the glide of the lotion or smell firsthand the massage oils I couldn't return after opening," says Alexander. "As a proud member of the American Massage Therapy Association, I am thrilled to be offering this personalized, new experience to my peers."

About Handcrafted Therapy Supply

Handcrafted Therapy Supply is located at 3303 North Central Expressway, Suite #240 at the intersection of Parker Rd. and North Central Expressway in Plano. See the Handcrafted Therapy Supply website at for daily hours of operation. Terri Becker, the general contractor and designer for the project, can be reached via