How to Protect Your Lips

How to Protect Your Lips

Fresh and soft lips are intrinsic to a sensual woman. With the dramatic changes of temperature or after being exposed to the Sun, lips tend to dry up more than usual.

Lips are constantly exposed to external agents such as wind, cold and heat, and they are in contact with the drinks and food we have. Therefore, you must pay attention to everything that can damage them.

The external skin that covers the lips is extremely delicate and it needs special care to avoid bothersome cracked or splitting lips.

Dried lips reflect the lack of moist in the skin that covers them since it lacks certain glands responsible for producing sweat, melanin and keratin. Therefore, the skin is unprotected and can easily get infections if its under bad conditions due to a lack of hydration.

When you want to relieve the pain and irritation, the most obvious solution is to lick your lips. However, this makes it worse since saliva evaporates quickly, dehydrating the lips. In this case, the best option is to apply lip balm since skin cannot repair itself without moisture.

Dehydrated lips, however, can also be caused by dehydration of your body. In this case, the best option is to eight drink eight glass of water of day, even during winter.

Other factors include vitamins A and E deficiencies, tobacco, aging and movements we make with our lips.

If your lips are cracked, chapped or colorless, you must exfoliate them. Remember that no treatment will be effective if you haven't eliminated the dirt and dead cells that are on the skin. The same happens with the lips that require an adequate peeling.

Be aware that many skin care products, including lip-gloss and lipstick, can cause irritation. To test if this is the reason, try going without your lipstick or lipgloss for a few days and check if there are any changes on your lips.