Ways to Curl Your Hair

Ways to Curl Your Hair

Some people are born with beautiful curly hair that swirls around their shoulders. However, most women have to learn the art of curling their hair. If you belong to the latter, don't fret. We'll help you get up to speed on how you can get luscious curls for your locks.

Cut the conditioning

It's a common fact that unwashed messy hair can hold a style better than freshly washed hair. Hair conditioners make your locks moist and hold the water in them, preventing curls from taking shape. Therefore, washing your hair without a conditioner is highly recommended.

Spare the rod

No one curling rod fits all hair. Take the time to try out different sizes and heat settings to find your match. Remember, curling irons can potentially damage your hair so keep an eye out for that. Ironically, a flat curling rod sometimes tends to hold better than the more obvious choice.

Clip it out

Once you're done curling your hair, gently brush your hair so it smoothens out the ends. Try clipping up the curls as you do them one by one. This allows the curls to set in place and cools itself down at the same time.

Pay heed to don'ts

Avoid using salty water to wash your hair. Don't detoxify your hair with heavy chemicals, just use a regular shampoo. Don't ever curl your hair when it's damp or even slightly wet as it will singe your strands.