Dry body brushing

Dry body brushing

Dry body brushing is said to invigorate the body, builds course and blood stream, and animates waste from the lymphatic framework to smooth skin's surface, clear away chips and dry fixes, and even out irregularities and knocks, including cellulite. Well what else can we do stuck in the bathroom for 6 months corona lockdown... OMG.

So, you've mastered your diet, become a lycra-clad goddess at the gym, drink your own bodyweight in water every day and take enough vitamins and supplements that your immune system laughs in the face of corona / flu season. Errr or… you are reaching for the third slice of pizza, haven't removed your running shoes from their box since you bought them, drink your body weight in carbonated soda plus alcohol and you've taken a multivitamin before. Accidentally.

Either way, read on, as body brushing will serve either those looking for the cherry on top of their already healthy lifestyle, or those who are looking for an immediate benefit which will perhaps encourage a healthier lifestyle. Or perhaps not. It will give good results either way.

So what the heck is body brushing? Body brushing is the therapeutic routine of taking a soft-bristled dry brush and gently brushing the skin in swift strokes towards the heart. The reason why we always brush in the direction of the heart is because the main benefits of body brushing are happening underneath the skin: increasing circulation.

Whilst the process may be likened to that of brushing a dog or a cat to maintain their fur, and if you feel slightly silly to start with, that's okay. Instead of removing knots, insects, spores, and many other weird and wonderful things, as you would with domestic pets, you are encouraging the blood vessels underneath the skin to be stimulated and a greater flow of blood to pass through them. This accelerates the process of breaking down fat cells, and even improves the appearance of cellulite, along with removing lingering toxins.

Nothing can compare to a healthy diet and exercise for weight maintenance, but body brushing is a fantastic way to add a beautiful glow to your skin, whatever your fitness level. An added bonus is that it also exfoliates the top layer of your skin by removing the dead skin cells and clearing the way for the newer, healthier skin to be on display instead.

The best time to body brush is before you shower. Your skin will not be over sensitive from the moisture and it's a great chance to wash away any dead cells that may remain on the surface. Work from the bottom to the top and always follow your circulation pattern so that whatever residue that is being cleared out by your blood is encouraged to move in the same direction.

Be sure to moisturise after your shower to protect the newer skin, and of course to really bring out that new glow.