Top 10 Health Benefits of Spa before a wedding


In modern times, stress and hard work can rule your life. That is why you deserve to treat yourself with a break before your wedding. While a short getaway to Bali can be quite tempting and de-stressing, a short trip to the Spa can save you time and money. Indeed, the Spa has countless benefits for the mind and the body that will not only enhance your health but will also improve your appearance.

Here are some benefits of a Spa:

De-stress: dating back 3,000 years, massage is one of the oldest healing arts. Undeniably, a therapeutic massage will definitely relax and soothe you. Wash away your worries in a stream shower or a hot tub, and even sweat the stress out in a sauna.

Improve your health: your massage therapist will detect which parts of your body are too tense. That way the therapist can teach you how to relax your muscles and also give you tips on how to relax, plus suggestions for a nutritious diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Benefits for the mind: A trip to the spa will not only relax you, but it will also stimulate you mentally and physically. You might even find yourself more confident and with a higher self-esteem. While a foot scrub can invigorate you, a massage therapy can work wonders on depression. As well, facials, manicures and pedicures also have its psychological benefits.

Weight loss: you can find different approaches to weight loss depending on the spa you go to. Therefore, you can choose which weight-loss program is more beneficial for you.

Detoxification: is a process that purges toxins and excess fluids in the body. Some spas offer juice fasting and colon cleansing, which will help you eliminate bloating and water retention. Once you've purified your body, you will feel like new.

Feel and look young: pampering your body and mind can help deter aging. It is scientifically proven that stress makes you get older at a faster pace. Since a therapeutic massage can help you relax and a relaxed body translates to less stress, your body will retain that youthful essence. At the same time, facials and other skin care services and body treatments can foster a young look and make you feel renewed inside.

Improve blood circulation and manage blood pressure: spa treatments such as hydrotherapy, massage, heat therapy and other body treatments can stimulate blood circulation and regulate blood pressure. In one study by Mayo Clinic researcher Thomas G. Allison, where he found that soaking in warm water helped lower blood pressure.

Improve flexibility and breathing: in some Spas, you can practice Yoga and Pilates which work on your flexibility and breathing.

Regulate sleeping patterns: if your body and mind are free from tension and stress, you should be able to sleep like a baby.

Body aches and pains: massages, hydrotherapy and heat therapy can help reduce pain. Some medical spas even offer therapeutic programs to address arthritis and nerve disorders such as fibromyalgia.