How to get a perfect scalp head Massage

head Massage

Massage Scalp With Oil Before You Shampoo

A good time to get a scalp massage in is actually before you even hop in the shower. Since oil attracts oil, rubbing some into your scalp and hair when they're feeling extra dirty (like, say, post-workout) will actually remove some of the grease. And, since hair is more fragile when it's wet, this will help prevent any unnecessary breakage from scrubbing too vigorously in the shower.

Avoid Using Your Nails

If you decide to give yourself a scalp massage in the shower, it might be tempting to scratch at your scalp while you shampoo, but doing so can cause more harm than good. Not only can scratching cause burning and irritation but any dirt or bacteria lurking underneath your nails can lead to an infection. Stick to using the pads of your fingers, and feel free to apply as much pressure as you like while you scrub.

Scrub Every Single Spot on Your Scalp Thoroughly

Part of why having your hair shampooed by someone else is so satisfying is that they can see the top of your head, which makes it a lot harder to miss any spots. So, you'll need to be strategic with your motions. Once your head is thoroughly wet, pick a place to start (the back of your head and your temples are good starting points since they tend to sweat most), and then work your way around your head in a circular path, moving towards the center of your head, to ensure that you cover every spot.

Pay Attention to Your Hairline

Whether it's from sweat or residual makeup, the area around your hairline can feel like a total dirt magnet. This is a spot that salon assistants focus on, not only because scrubbing and massaging this area will make your scalp feel cleaner, but because it can also be very relaxing (massaging your temples eases tension and stimulates blood flow to your head). Start with your hands at your temples and massage in small circular motions, moving upwards on both sides to the top of your head, and back again.

Massage the Back of Your Head

Another important spot to focus on is the back of your head—where your neck meets the base of your skull. Again, this area not only sweats a lot, but people can often carry a lot of tension here. Place both hands on either side of your head, with your thumbs at the base of your head and your fingers around the top of your head. Apply some light pressure at the base of your skull as you massage in a circular motion, and pull the skin on your scalp upwards slightly with your thumbs.

Make the Most of Your Conditioning Rinse

Since shampooing strips hair of its natural oils, you might feel like both scrubbing and massaging your scalp as you shampoo will damage your strands - especially if your hair is fine. If that's the case, wait to massage your scalp until after you've rinsed out your shampoo and have applied conditioner to your ends; this will let you separate your hair with more ease, allowing your fingers access to your scalp with minimal pulling. When you're done, try using cooler water to rinse out your conditioner to seal the cuticle of your hair for maximum shine.